How to find a contractor for your Hail and Storm Damaged property in Atlanta

Spring time brings tornados, hail, high winds and heavy rain.  It also brings out unscrupulous contractors whose main interest is making a quick buck!  Take a deep breath if you have storm damage.  You do not need to make any quick decisions and DO NOT trust the guy because he seems so nice.  Do your homework, then hire a contractor.  Absolutely, have someone tarp and protect your home if emergency measures are needed, but stop right there.  Calm down, take the time to perform your due diligence, then make a decision.  What if you are reading this after you hired someone?  It may not be too late.  Georgia law provides a three day right of recision period just for this reason (five days for storm damage)  Georgia Residential Roofers Bill.  You can cancel the contract with no penalty.

What should you do for your due diligence?  I will answer that with a question.  What would you do if you were going to hire an employee (for twenty years or more that you could not fire without great expense).  Hmmm… makes you think a little bit doesn’t it.  First, search the GA corporate records to see when they incorporated.  Check their BBB record, online reviews, customer referrals (not 5, 10, or 20, but request list of at least 100 names and you choose who to call), photos of their work, call their supplier (ask them for numbers), and check their affiliations.  The end result is you are verifying the contractors credentials and making sure they are who the salesperson told you they are.

Be sure to visit with your contractor How to get your roofing contractor to bid your job

Be very cautious of hiring an out of state contractor.  Who will take care of warranty issues?  No one.  You are stuck.  They offer to give you a great deal and yes you can save a ton of money upfront – hundreds!  I can’t tell you how many calls we get to repair poor workmanship and I have to tell the owner it is not repairable.  For example, poor roof ventilation will cause premature shingle failure.  The $500 saved, means they will have to spend another $8000 to replace their 10-12 year old roof.  Other times, it is a matter of few hundred dollars to repair the poor work and then the home has a shingle color match issue.

There’s a lot of good roofing contractors, but unfortunately, the bad ones out weight the good by a long shot.  There are 21 GAF Master Elite contractors in Atlanta, and over 600 listed on  The vast majority are not accredited with the BBB either.

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Atlanta roof installation

Atlanta roof installation

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