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How to select residential windows for energy efficiency

Friday, July 29th, 2011

A US government independent report for consumers on how to select Windows for Energy Efficiency is a timeless reference when you are considering new windows for your home. New window technologies have increased energy benefits and comfort, and have provided more practical options for consumers. This selection guide will help homeowners, architects, and builders take advantage of the expanding window market. The guide contains three sections: an explanation of energy-related window characteristics, a discussion of window energy performance ratings, and a convenient checklist for window selection.

  • INSIDE Solar Control
  • Window Energy Rating and Labeling
  • Window Checklist
  • Window Energy Glossary

Selecting the right window for a specific home invariably requires tradeoffs between different energy performance features, and with other non-energy issues. An understanding of some basic energy concepts is therefore essential to choosing appropriate windows and skylights. Three major types of energy flow occur through windows: (1) non-solar heat losses and gains in the form of conduction, convection, and radiation; (2) solar heat gains in the form of radiation; and (3) airflow, both intentional (ventilation) and unintentional.

While technology has improved since this report was written, it’s still recommended reading to educate yourself before meeting with a replacement windows contractor.

Download the Selecting Windows for Energy Efficiency PDF by clicking on the photo below.

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Vytex windows review by Atlanta contractor

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Most of the major brands offer a good energy efficient window, so letting your contractor help you choose a brand can be very helpful. Schantz Home Improvement has agreements with major windows suppliers, including Vytex. An estimator will consider your home type, home age, interior aspects, budget, window price to value, manufacturer promotions and other factors in helping you make a choice.

Vytex windows and doors are a good solid quality brand suitable for replacing windows doors in the Atlanta metro area.

  • Vytex offers windows that qualify for an energy tax credit.
  • Never needs painting.
  • Insulated glass AND frame; 3 levels of glass insulation to choose from.
  • Secure and durable with welded frames.
  • Over 25 window frame and door colors to choose from.

We don’t recommend cheap windows because you’ll pay for it with higher energy bills and outside noise that can be annoying with the high traffic in Atlanta.

What causes condensation on windows?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Window Condensation occurs whenever the window surface is cool enough to allow moisture in the air to condense on it. That’s why there is some in the winter, especially on older windows that are not insulated, though it could happen in the summer as well.

A glass of ice water sweats because the warm air that surrounds the glass meets the cold surface causing condensation. A window sweats most often when the warm air in your home meets the cold surface of your window in the winter.

It’s important to control condensation since it can damage the window’s components, including causing wood rot, and damage your wall insulation. If it saturates the wall insulation, the insulation effectiveness is reduced.  We don’t recommend wood replacement windows in Atlanta because of the harsh changing weather conditions that can lead to wood rot.

Do you need new windows? Good windows should not have excessive condensation at normal humidity levels (30 percent to 40 percent). TIP: Check to make sure the little breathing holes in your storm windows are not clogged. It’s a simple and easy project you can benefit from.

If your home is fairly new, we’d hope the problem is not your windows, but something else. If you have an older home, an inspection is the best way to see what your problems are and what your options are.