Atlanta hail damage attracts problem roofing contractors from out of area

Hail damage from storms last week are certain to bring another round of roofing contractors from out of the area to Atlanta.   Unfortunately, the majority of these contractors provide a huge disservice.  Their primary motivation is profit. Therefore, they will install the least expensive roof system that they can using substandard labor and materials.  The reality is they go from storm to storm, state to state.   They will not be around if a warranty issue arises and there will be no where for a homeowner to go.  They offer to absorb the homeowners’ deductable and offer upgrades to the shingle.  They do not address the important areas of the roof system under the shingle such as metal flashings, leak barriers, and ventilation.

Homeowners should go to to determine when the company came into existence.  Also, check out local review websites and the BBB to check their reliability.  The savings upfront will be quite costly down the road.

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