2011 Roofing Energy Tax Credit

What roofing tax credits are available for 2011? Federal guidelines are outlined below.

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Credit: 10% of cost, up to $500

When and Where:

  • 2011 only
  • Existing primary residence

How to Claim Your Tax Credit

  • Visit the IRS website to obtain the correct forms for the tax year you are filing.
    • For example, claim improvements made in 2010 on your 2010 taxes, filed by April 18, 2011.
  • Use the following forms:
  • Save your receipts, or make copies of them, and the Manufacturer Certification Statement for your records.
  • NOTE: The credits are nonrefundableā€”in other words, the credits are only available to the extent you have a tax liability. The credits for home energy improvement products eligible through 2011 may be limited if you are subject to the AMT.
  • Tax credits can only be claimed once, and are limited to the year in which they are purchased: If you claimed a home energy improvement tax credit on your 2010 taxes, you cannot take an additional credit for the same purchase on your 2011 taxes.
  • There is a $500 lifetime limit on the federal tax credits. If you have received a total of $500 in these tax credits from 2006-2010, you are not eligible for any more.


Schantz Home Improvement advisors inform consumers of all federal, state, and local tax credits available. Customers must review IRS and local regulations to determine individual eligibility based on personal circumstances. Link to more information about our roofing replacement and repair in Atlanta.

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