$200 rebate on new residential roof with Atlanta Roofing Contractor My Home Guys

Get a $200 rebate when you purchase a Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty on a qualified roof from GAF Master Elite™ Contractor Schantz Home Improvement Company dba My Home Guys.  Our team will help you with the process to get your rebate. This is a GAF, the number one supplier of roofing materials in the US, rebate program, and it’s only available from a GAF Master Elite™ Contractor.

$200 roof rebate

Follow These Three Easy Steps:

  • Step 1: Between 3/1/13 and 5/31/13 have a qualified roof* installed by a GAF Master Elite™ Contractor and purchase a Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty for that roof.
  • Step 2: After your Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty is registered and GAF mails you the final warranty, print and fill out the rebate form, attach a copy of your Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty, and send these documents (a “Submission”) to GAF at:
    Attn: GAF Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty Rebate Program,
    1361 Alps Rd., Building 11-1, Wayne, NJ 07470
    or by Fax to 973-872-4215
    Attn: GAF Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty Rebate Program.

    All Submissions must be received by GAF no later than August 15, 2013.
    Note: Your GAF Master Elite™ Contractor has 45 days from the date your qualified roof* is installed to register and pay for your Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty, and you can expect to receive the warranty by mail from GAF about thirty days after it is registered.

  • Step 3: Wait 8-10 weeks for mailing of your rebate check.
  • For the status of your rebate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, visit
  • For any questions concerning your rebate check, please call (855) 433-8959.

*A qualified roof must fulfill these requirements:
1. The roof MUST be installed on a single-family detached residence in the U.S. or Canada owned by individual(s).
2. Your roof MUST be installed by a GAF Master Elite™ Roofing Contractor.
3. You MUST install a full roof; roofs installed on portions of buildings do not qualify.
4. The roof system must NOT be installed over an existing roof—all existing materials must be removed to the deck.
5. You MUST use GAF Roof Deck Protection (Deck-Armor™, Shingle-Mate®, Tiger Paw™, RoofPro™, or VersaShield®. If eligible products are not available, you may substitute any #30 ASTM D4869 felt or any #15 or #30 ASTM D226 felt.
6. You MUST use GAF Leak Barrier (Weather Watch® [any version], StormGuard®, or UnderRoof™ [any version]) in valleys and around dormers, side walls, firewalls, chimneys, plumbing vents, and skylights. In addition, in the North (see Leak Barrier usage map in the Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty Brochure), an eligible Leak Barrier product must also be used at all eaves to at least 24″ inside of the warm wall. Leak Barrier is highly recommended (but not required) at all roof rakes and other vulnerable leak areas.
7. You MUST use GAF pre-cut Starter Strip Shingles (only those with factory-applied adhesive) at the eaves (WeatherBlocker™, Pro-Start™, or QuickStart™ Peel & Stick Starter Roll). Note: To obtain maximum wind coverage, you must use eligible GAF pre-cut Starter Strip Shingles (with factory-applied adhesive) at the eaves and rakes and you must install each field shingle using 6 nails.
8. You MUST use a COBRA® Attic Ventilation product with adequate intake ventilation (Cobra® (roll), Cobra® Ridge Runner™ (rigid roll), Cobra® Rigid Vent 3™, Cobra® FasciaFlow™ Intake Ventilation, Cobra® Snow Country™, Cobra® Snow Country Advanced™, or Vented RidgeCrest™ (Note: GAF Master Flow® Exhaust Ventilation Products, which are covered by a separate limited warranty, can be substituted ONLY if COBRA® Ridge Ventilation cannot be installed due to a structure’s architecture, e.g., post and beam construction, shed roofs, etc.). In any event, ventilation should meet the following standards: Minimum net free ventilation area of 1 sq. foot/meter per 150 sq. feet/meters of ceiling area is required. When intake vents are located at the eaves and exhaust vents are located near the roof’s peak (in a properly balanced system) for maximum air flow, ventilation may be reduced to 1 sq. foot/meter per 300 sq. feet/meters.
9. You MUST use eligible GAF roofing shingles (Lifetime Shingles: Timberline® Natural Shadow™, Timberline® Prestique® 30, Timberline® HD™, Timberline® Prestique® 40, Timberline® ArmorShield™ II, Timberline® Cool Series, Timberline® Prestique® Lifetime, Timberline® Ultra HD™, Timberline® American Harvest™, Capstone®, Slateline®, Grand Sequoia®, Grand Canyon®, Country Mansion®, Grand Slate™, Camelot®, Camelot® 30, Camelot® II, Country Mansion® II, Grand Slate™ II, Timberline® Majestic 30 [available in Western Region only], Timberline® HD™, Grand Sequoia® IR, Woodland®, Monaco®, or Sienna™).
10. You MUST use GAF Ridge Cap Shingles (Timbertex®, Seal-A-Ridge®, Ridglass® Z® Ridge, Vented RidgeCrest™, or Grand Sequoia®/Grand Canyon®).
11. To improve the finished look of the roof, the use of ShingleMatch™ Roof Accessory Paint is highly recommended (but not required). ShingleMatch™ Roof Accessory Paint is covered by a separate limited warranty.
12. New metal flashing(s) MUST be installed [unless existing flashing(s) are in like-new condition or are at “unworkable” wall interfaces]. Metal drip edge MUST be used at eaves and is recommended (but not required) at rake edges.
13. Special Note: On projects that total more than 250 squares, the permanent Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty will be issued only if the project passes GAF’s final inspection. GAF reserves the right to withhold the warranty if the roof has not been installed according to GAF’s written application instructions. (GAF also strongly recommends that your GAF Master Elite™ Contractor schedule a start-up and at least one interim inspection on projects of 250 squares or more by contacting GAF at least three weeks prior to the start of roof work.)

Valid in the U.S. and Canada only. Limit one rebate per qualifying roof*. Limit one rebate per homeowner. Cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer. Offer void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. Ineligible, incomplete, or illegible claims that do not comply with these terms will be rejected. GAF is not responsible for lost, late, mutilated, misdirected, or postage due submissions. Improper redemption or use constitutes fraud. GAF reserves the right to audit all redemption claims. GAF reserves the right to cancel or modify rebate program at any time. Check will be made out to homeowner and mailed to the mailing address provided on the rebate form.

Residents of Canada may be subjected to additional bank fees when cashing their rebate check (rebate paid in US dollars).

new roof rebate form

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