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Choosing an Atlanta Roof Contractor

Roofing Repair and Replacement

If your house is typical, its roof is covered with asphalt shingles, which may need to be replaced every 15 or 20 years. Temperature extremes and sunlight can crack, curl, and split the shingles. Rain and sleet wear them down. Wind tears them.

Where Do I Begin?

  1. Research what you might like for materials.
  2. Create a list of criteria for choosing a contractor. In addition to asking about insurance and basics, you might want to note subjective things such as your impression of the person you met with.For example, did they really understand your concerns? If you have a hard time communicatiing now, it won't get easier later.
  3. Make a short list and interview: Are you confident the person backed up verbal promises on the written offer? Does hte written offer clearly outline all specifications for materials, payments, warranties? What is their clean up and inspection process? What manufacturers will they use for materials?
  4. Validate the contractor has the certifications they advertise. If they don't, move on. Visit their web site, then check the web sites they claim to have certifications with to find their listing.
  5. When you finally get a new roof, you want it to last. But according to the 1995 Consumer Reports Annual Questionnaire, 12% of readers who had their roof replaced within the previous five years reported leaks. Although roofing jobs, as a group, were rated higher than most services, we found that 8% were dissatisfied and 15% only fairly well satisfied with the overall job. Such numbers emphasize the need to choose your roofer carefully.

Educate Yourself

Although homeowners may select the type of roofing, they usually leave the brand to the roofer, and that may be unwise. Even experienced roofers are apt to judge quality by two seemingly sensible but not always reliable criteria: weight and warranty.

Warranties on asphalt shingles typically run from about 20 to 40 years, but that's not as generous as it may seem. Generally, the warranty covers both materials and labor only for the first year. After that, the cost of labor may be excluded, and the cost of the shingles is prorated, sharply reducing the warranty's payback over the years. Some warranties are transferable, a consideration if you're planning to sell, or buy, the house. But some manufacturers charge a transfer fee or reduce the coverage sharply. Many won't transfer the warranty at all. Check when you choose a brand.

Schantz Home Improvement Company is a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofer. This qualifies us to offer a non-prorated materials AND labor warranty.

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Schantz Home Improvement Company is a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofer. This qualifies us to offer a non-prorated 10 year materials AND labor warranty.

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